Water Vole

The Beck- Natural Habitat for Water Voles

The becks running through Newbald have long been home to water voles. If you are lucky you may spot one.

The pictures on this page are of water voles on Eastgate.Water Vole Swimming On Eastgate

Newbald Parish Council commissioned the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust to do a survey in October 2013 to ascertain the full extent of the water vole population in Newbald. It is clear that the village has two distinct populations along the Beck – one in the Mires and the other in the Becksies. Although the survey did not find any specific evidence that there are water voles along the stretch of the Beck on Eastgate, we know from recent eyewitness sightings that they are there.

Picture Of Water Vole On Eastgate
Can you spot the water vole?

Nationally the water vole population is declining at a rapid rate. They are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. It is an offence to in any way damage, destroy or obstruct their breeding and resting places.

Newbald Parish Council employs the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust to do maintenance work to the beck on The Mires because they use specialist techniques to protect the water voles’ habitat.