20mph sign Near School

Traffic and Parking Concerns

Problem parking and traffic issues are the number one subjects that NPC is contacted about by concerned residents.

An historic and attractive village, Newbald lies on the Wolds Way and therefore draws in tourists who often leave their cars scattered around the roads while they go off walking. On occasions their parking could be viewed as inconsiderate, with many parking on verges, half on pavements and on both sides of streets, making it hard for large vehicles, such as buses, emergency vehicles and gritters to pass through.

Unfortunately thoughtless parking is not restricted to visitors to the village. Many households now have two or more cars, with visitors adding to that number so the pressure on our roads is immense.

While there is a weight restriction on HGVs which are allowed to come through Newbald, this does not apply to those that enter in order to access a property within the village’s boundary. Some lorries have been found to be flouting the law and cutting through the village. Where that is the case, NPC has contacted the companies concerned and asked them to desist.

With Newbald having no mains gas, most properties need to receive deliveries of oil. Newbald’s farming heritage ensures that there are often large agricultural vehicles driving along the streets. Additionally, residents are increasingly taking advantage of the option of home delivery from supermarkets and other retailers, so this exacerbates the traffic and parking problem still further.

These trends show no sign of reversing and, with increasingly limited public transport available to village residents, car ownership is really a necessity. Aside from being an inconvenience, our heaving roads are a danger to motorists and pedestrians alike. Speeding vehicles, dangerous junctions & corners, poor visibility, blocked pavements and restricted accesses all cause NPC much concern. While NPC continues to seek creative solutions to ease the pressure on our historic road system, this is proving very difficult in these austere times, with both ERYC and the Police being extremely under-funded.

An Accident Waiting To Happen?

NPC has established that many drivers are using Newbald as a short cut. The main route in question is High Hunsley Road – Burgate – Ratten Row – Galegate – Westgate and then on to the A1034 (and vice versa).

Despite having a motion activated speed sign at the top of the village, motorists and cyclists often race down Burgate at high speed causing a hazard for pedestrians and oncoming vehicles. Where Burgate meets the corner of The Green, there is a dangerous blind corner for those looking to turn out of the diagonal road across The Green onto Burgate who unfortunately run the risk of meeting or colliding with the speeding motorists.

As the speeding cars continue their journey along Ratten Row, there are two hazards lying in wait. Cars pulling out of South Newbald Road on to Ratten Row have to do so blindly because of poor visibility. Equally the combination of a narrow road and sharp corner on Ratten Row, as it moves round to the right towards Galegate. makes for the danger of a collision, with drivers unable to see oncoming cars or stick to the left side of the road.

The cars often continue driving very fast along Galegate and Westgate. When they reach the junction of Westgate and the A1034, there can be a considerable wait. NPC anticipates that the difficulties at this junction will increase with the extra traffic generated when/if the pig farm is built down Cliffe Road and when Stoneledge opens its lorry park at Sands Top.

NPC has often asked ERYC for help in relation to all the above matters, with many measures being considered, such as: chicanes, mobile speed cameras, 20mph zone throughout the village, one way stretches, speed bumps, motion activated speed signs and more. Unfortunately, ERYC is not willing to fund any traffic calming measures in the village as it does not perceive Newbald to have a problem. We have on many occasions arranged for ERYC officers to visit to see the issues for themselves and indeed, they have monitored traffic on Burgate. However, it seems a serious accident has to take place before we will move far enough up ERYC’s list of priorities to justify further consideration.

Even a serious accident in 2017 involving a cyclist on Burgate, who was admitted to hospital with multiple broken bones was not enough to warrant ERYC taking another look at the issues we have raised.

What Are We Doing About It?

  • NPC continues to campaign for traffic calming measures and is looking at alternative ways of funding them.
  • NPC has registered NPC with the Community Speedwatch Scheme. This is currently delayed due to Coronavirus.
  • NPC is fighting to get a sign installed at the top of High Hunsley Road which reminds lorry drivers that they should not be driving through the village.
  • NPC regularly appeals to residents to park with thought for others and to ensure their visitors do the same.
  • NPC seeks to ensure that any new properties built in the village have enough parking spaces to serve the residents they will house.