Newbald Becksies On Yorkshire Wildlife Trust Website 2012

A Haven For Plants and Wildlife

The  North Newbald Becksies Nature Reserve is on Beverley Road, just on the way out of the village (right hand side).Water Vole

Owned by Newbald Parish Council, the Becksies are professionally managed by the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust.

Contact the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust on 01904 659570 or  info@ywt.org.uk.

The Becksies is featured on the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust website. You can view the site here: http://www.ywt.org.uk/reserves/north-newbald-becksies-nature-reserve

“A special wet pasture with a profusion of spring-flush marshland herbs on the southern edge of the Yorkshire Wolds”

2019 EXCITING PROJECT – NEWBALD BECKSIES & LITTLE BECKSIES Supported by: Sober Hill Wind Farm Community Benefit Fund & Boatman Charitable Trust

Ywt LogoThe Yorkshire Wildlife Trust (YWT) started work in Autumn 2019 to improve wetland habitats across two sites in the village. At Newbald Becksies, a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), the springs continue to flow, however areas on the site have become drier over recent years. Wetland flora such as bogbean & grass of parnassus are becoming scarcer. Through improving water management on site, to create wetter more favourable conditions, we aim to reverse this decline. The improved wetland will also benefit amphibians, birds and mammals including the nationally declining water vole.

Adjacent to the SSSI the Little Becksies site has had very little management over recent years. Yorkshire Wildlife Trust (YWT) is targeting its habitat works, managing some of the mature willow trees through coppicing or crown reduction & thinning. This allows more light in, so improving conditions for wetland ground flora. In the newly opened up areas, YWT is looking to create pools and scrapes, increasing habitat diversity and creating new habitat for wetland plants and animals. For more information please contact: tracy.allen@ywt.org.uk or phone 01904 659570.