Corner of South Newbald Road and Trundlegate

Potential Streetlight for South Newbald

Many residents in South Newbald feel that there are not enough streetlights in that part of the village. In particular the corner where South Newbald Road meets Trundlegate is cited as being dangerous for pedestrians at night.

NPC is considering whether to pay for a new streetlight in this location. Cllr. Geoff Lewis is taking the time to consult with residents who would live close to the street light. The Parish Council has also obtained the cost of installing the streetlight from East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

The village of Newbald is often divided on the subject of streetlights, with some residents wanting to increase the number of streetlights to make the village feel safer, with others preferring to keep it as dark as possible so the night sky can be enjoyed. The last community survey put the split at about 50-50.

However South Newbald does have considerably less street lighting than North Newbald and could probably benefit from a streetlight. There is also the possibility that this light could be on a timer, such that is only on during normal waking hours and switched off for the quieter parts of the night.