Picture of sewage around the beck on Eastgate

When the vactors leave...

The vactors have long gone and now Yorkshire Water is trying to get to the root of what is causing the problems in Newbald.

Cllr. Jack Marshall has acted as a key contact for Yorkshire Water in the village.

Jack requests that if anyone notices any problems with sewage, they contact him. He will then be able to speak to his contact at Yorkshire Water and arrange for the vactors to come back out if necessary.

Jack asks those residents at risk do the following:

  • Check your manholes daily. Are they swirling? Are they full? Are they higher than they should be? There should not be any build up of water in them.
  • Is your toilet flushing ok? If not, check to see if there is a blockage in your manhole. If it’s all water, then let Jack know. If it’s solid matter you will need a rod or jet wash.
  • Are your drains backing up despite not having any debris in them? Please let Jack know.

Jack’s number is 07730533049. He has also organised a Whatsapp group for everyone impacted by the sewage problems. Here is the link. https://chat.whatsapp.com/LeDe4EQJi1o5EmZR5hP4K8.