Road Across The Green

Remove the road across the village green?

Newbald Parish Council is considering whether to assess the feasibility of removing the larger of the two diagonal roads across the village green.

This road is dangerous. Drivers use it as a cut through and speed along it. It is particularly dangerous where it meets the blind junction with Burgate.

Removing the road would give us more grass and improve the appearance of the green.

However, we would lose some parking.

If we were to go ahead, we would have to tolerate some extra road signage to notify drivers of the changes to the roads. This would only be temporary though.

We would fund this using the Sober Hill Wind Farm Community Benefit Fund. We would also apply for grants from other organisations, if appropriate funders could be found.

There is no doubt that this would be expensive. Therefore, Newbald Parish Council will not consider this unless residents demonstrate that it is important to them by letting us know.

Please use the very short form (only 2 questions) to let us know your thoughts. Thank you.