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Eligible recipe submissions

This competition is for a sweet rather than savoury pudding. Beyond that, you are free to use your imagination when it comes to the recipe; it could be layered or rolled, a pie or crumble, a cake or tart.

How to enter

Once you have read the whole of this page, please fill in your details, or those of your child, using this online form (CLICK TO ACCESS)*.  Although the puddings will be judged on the day, it is important that we know how many entries to expect in each category so we can organise the competition appropriately.

The categories are as follows:

  1. Children in Year 6 and under
  2. Children in Years 7-11
  3. Young people Year 12+ and adults

There is a limit of only entry per person.

Deadline for entries

The deadline for notification of entries is midnight on Friday 3rd June.

Once you have entered, you will receive confirmation and will also be allocated a unique number. You need to remember this number as it uniquely identifies your entry into the competition. (You will receive your number by email shortly before the event, so please do not re-submit your entry. Providing you have received the on-screen thank you message, you can be confident that your entry has been received).

On the day of Newbald’s Musical Jubilee Picnic Party (5th June)

Please bring your pudding down to the green ahead of the event. While the event starts at 2.30pm, someone will be available to guide you where to put your pudding from 1.30pm.

Please make sure that you label your pudding with the unique number that you have been allocated.  We will be able to cross reference this with your entry. Using these numbers rather than names will ensure that the judges are totally impartial.

If you like, feel free to include a short description about what made you create this pudding.  Is it a family recipe? Does it relate to the Royal family in some way? Does it evoke a special memory for you? Anything that gives a context to your entry is welcome and makes the pudding display more interesting.

The Judging

A panel of 3 people will judge your entry on the day based on the following characteristics:

  1. First and foremost, how the pudding tastes
  2. How the pudding looks, so make it decorative
  3. How original and/or creative the pudding is.

The winners and prizes

There will be a main prize for one entry in each of the three categories.

An announcement will be made towards the end of the Jubilee Picnic Party. If any of the winners have already left, they will be contacted afterwards using the contact details they provided.

Winners will be given publicity on our website, social media channels and in the next issue of the parish newsletter. We will invite the winners to have their photograph taken for this purpose.

Data protection and publicity

By entering the competition, you understand that for the purposes of administering the competition and prize fulfilment, it is necessary for Newbald Parish Council to hold and process your personal data. For more information on how Newbald Parish Council manages your personal data, please read our privacy notice.

If you the winner of the competition, you agree that Newbald Parish Council may use your name and details of your competition entry on its website, in public announcements and publicity, without further consultation with you.

General Terms

Newbald Parish Council will not be liable for any loss (including, without limitation, indirect, special or consequential loss or loss of profits/, expense or damage which is suffered or sustained (whether or not resulting from any person’s negligence) in connection with this competition.

Newbald Parish Council reserves the right to suspend, cancel, or amend the competition where it becomes necessary to do so.

By signing up, you accept the terms of Newbald Parish Council’s Privacy Policy.

*Although we would prefer you to use the online form, you can also pick up entry forms for the Platinum Pudding Competition from Beccy O’Sullivan at 7 Eastwold.