New Trees On Mires

New Trees for Newbald

As part of its determination to make Newbald more green, NPC has been planting trees around the village.

Several Common Alders were planted on the Mires in 2019, thanks to a grant secured from the Sancton Hill Wind Farm Community Benefit Fund. (See photo above).

More recently, in February 2021, a much more substantial grant was secured from ERYC to plant 15 native trees in 5 locations round the village. You can see these at the cemetery, Trundlegate, the Churchyard, the Village Hall and the Mires.

In addition we have been awarded another grant from the Sancton Hill Wind Farm Tree Planting Fund and have planted four more Common Alders in the Little Becksies (next to the Becksies nature reserve).

We will continue in our mission to plant more and more trees.

From reducing pollution by absorbing carbon dioxide from the air to providing a home to wildlife and boosting our own physical and mental health, trees are natural wonders. The simple act of planting trees is one thing that will have a huge impact on our planet’s future and Newbald is determined to play its part.