Newbald Cemetery Building

Treasured Memories of Loved Ones

Newbald cemetery now offers relatives/friends the option of erecting a plaque as a permanent memorial to their loved one on the interior wall of the Victorian building at the back of the cemetery.

People can choose the material, font, and design of the plaque. The Parish Council has determined that the size of the plaque must be DL – landscape orientation. This is equal to 99mm × 210mm, which is a third of size A4. It is important also that the plaque has holes in all four corners to allow it to be put up more easily.

The wording of the plaque, whilst at the discretion of the buyer, must first be approved by the Parish Council in order to ensure that no offensive words are used.

Anyone interested in using this service is free to use whichever supplier they like to create the plaque.

This service costs £50 which is a one off fee allowing the plaque to remain in position forever. This also includes the installation of the plaque.

If you are interested in using this service, please contact the clerk on clerk@newbaldparishcouncil.gov.uk.