Map of Hall Farm showing its location

Planning Application for Hall Farm Under Consideration

ERYC is still considering an application to build 3 properties on Hall Farm. This site lies at the very heart of our village and has long been disused.

The Parish Council had some concerns, including the following:

  1. Overload of the drainage/sewage system
  2. Potential for further development of the site (as indicated by the road layout and large space available)
  3. Dangerous access to and from the Highway (Eastgate)
  4. Building materials out of keeping with the village and conservation area
  5. Loss of trees
  6. Loss of habitat for some wildlife
  7. Potential infringement of neighbour’s access rights
  8. Potential archeological significance of the site.

If you would like to see further information about this application, the link to it is below.

(Note the website can take a long time to respond).

We recognise that some development of the site may not be a bad thing and that you may support this particular one. This application will need to be considered by the Planning Committee before a final decision is made.