Memorial Bench Photo

Benches, Bins and Streetlights

Street Light 1Most of the streetlights and benches in Newbald belong to NPC. We pay East Riding of Yorkshire Council to maintain the streetlights and we look after the benches ourselves. NPC also commissioned most of the litter bins in the village. The most recent one was at Co-op corner. These are serviced by ERYC.

BenchWe intend to gradually replace the benches with environmentally friendly recycled plastic ones such as the one on Co-op corner or opposite the Becksies. These look like wood but are almost maintenance free. Given that each bench costs about £250 to restore, which needs to be done almost bi-annually, investing in these new technologies makes economic sense in the long run.

Plaque And Top Layer Of Centenary Bench In North NewbaldIn 2014, Newbald Parish Council commissioned the Centenary Bench which graces the village green. The bench was designed by our now Chairman, Gavin Steward. Resident John Danby and Cllr. Gavin Steward very generously built the bench for free. The materials were paid for by a grant. This bench commemorated 100 years since the start of WW1 and also 100 years since the opening of Newbald Village school.