Diamond Jubilee Celebrations

Serving the Community

Newbald Parish Council is here to serve the community of Newbald. We are a very active Council seeking to preserve and enhance the character and community spirt of our picturesque village. Aside from our statutory and maintenance duties, here are some of the activities that we are currently involved in:

  • Managing the Sober Hill Wind Farm Community Benefit Fund
  • Exploring the feasibility of creating a Community Renewable Energy Scheme
  • Looking at ways to calm the traffic that goes through the village
  • Working with suppliers and our MP to ensure all residents have access to superfast broadband
  • Securing grants to plant trees and bee friendly plants throughout the village
  • Running a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme and setting up cold calling zones.

Newbald in the Press

The Yorkshire Post sums up Newbald in this article from December 2019.

KCOM connects houses to superfast broadband after appeal by residents and NPC